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Check Out UTOPIA

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:31 am by Admin

Utopia Forum is almost complete and is now ready for all new members and visitors.

The forum is a little different to here as it uses a single page forum which puts all the topics on one page with important threads globally pinned at the top of the page.

Like i said we are ALMOST complete but we are still playing around and moving things about so please bare …

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Earthquake Monitor

Transcript: 8 Shocking New Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond

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Transcript: 8 Shocking New Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond

Post  Admin on Wed May 16, 2012 1:42 am

Transcript of an excellent interview about what is happening in the Global Economy and what to expect in the coming months and years. Click link above for full report, and excerpt is provided below.

Forecast #1 / Country after country will abandon their so-called “austerity” programs.
Forecast #2 / If governments cut spending, the debts will pile up even faster!
Forecast #3 / Some of the world’s largest banks will suffer massive losses and huge new bailouts will be needed.
Forecast #4 / The European Central Bank (ECB) will kick its money printing presses into overdrive and very, very soon.
Forecast #5 / The U.K. and the U.S. will also join the money printing rampage.
Forecast #6 / Before this great financial crisis comes to its final tipping point a few years from now,
you’ll probably see up to $20 TRILLION in global money printing.
Forecast #7 / This unprecedented global orgy of money printing is about to light the fuse on an unprecedented period of global hyperinflation.
Forecast #8 / The gold correction I’ve been forecasting will soon end, and gold will ultimately soar to at least $5,000 per ounce!

Full Report>>

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