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Check Out UTOPIA

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:31 am by Admin

Utopia Forum is almost complete and is now ready for all new members and visitors.

The forum is a little different to here as it uses a single page forum which puts all the topics on one page with important threads globally pinned at the top of the page.

Like i said we are ALMOST complete but we are still playing around and moving things about so please bare …

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Secrets out: Monstrous human-animal hybrids from embryos found to have been created

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Secrets out: Monstrous human-animal hybrids from embryos found to have been created

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:54 am

Authorities warn against a 'Planet of the Apes' nightmare if scientific inquiry is left unchecked

British scientists have secretly created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in English laboratories. The hybrids have been produced over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases. This chilling revelation comes shortly after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare "Planet of the Apes" scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - According to newspaper reports, 155 'admixed' embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilization Embryology Act.

The hybrids included an animal egg fertilized by a human sperm, "cybrids," in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell and "chimeras," in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos.

Three labs in the United Kingdom -- at King's College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University were all granted licenses to carry out the research after the Act came into force. All three have now stopped creating hybrid embryos due to a lack of funding.

"I argued in Parliament against the creation of human- animal hybrids as a matter of principle. None of the scientists who appeared before us could give us any justification in terms of treatment," crossbench peer Lord Alton said following a Parliamentary question.

"Ethically it can never be justifiable - it discredits us as a country. It is dabbling in the grotesque.

"At every stage the justification from scientists has been: if only you allow us to do this, we will find cures for every illness known to mankind. This is emotional blackmail.

"Of the 80 treatments and cures which have come about from stem cells, all have come from adult stem cells - not embryonic ones.

"On moral and ethical grounds this fails; and on scientific and medical ones too."

Josephine Quintavalle, of pro-life group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said that "I am aghast that this is going on and we didn't know anything about it.

"Why have they kept this a secret? If they are proud of what they are doing, why do we need to ask Parliamentary questions for this to come to light?

"The problem with many scientists is that they want to do things because they want to experiment. That is not a good enough rationale."

Earlier this week, a group of leading scientists warned about "Planet of the Apes" experiments. They called for new rules to prevent lab animals being given human attributes, for example by injecting human stem cells into the brains of primates.

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