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Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:31 am by Admin

US Army Attempts to Control Ancient Technology From Atlantis E0ka2t

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US Army Attempts to Control Ancient Technology From Atlantis

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US Army Attempts to Control Ancient Technology From Atlantis Empty US Army Attempts to Control Ancient Technology From Atlantis

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:30 am

Legends have it that crystal forces “set” the electromagnetic field of the Earth so that human souls could incarnate. The most popular stories dealing with the use of crystals date back to Atlantis. There, it is said, large crystals were used to generate power for cities, and it was the abuse of these energies that eventually caused the destruction of this great civilization. Edgar Cayce stated that the largest crystal generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermudas Triangle, and this massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray.
In the Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the
area of the in the Devil’s Triangle, on the ocean bottom where the ruins of Atlantis now are claimed to exist, the energy build-up in the buried and damaged Fire Crystals can trigger materialization of anything.

The European Union Times posted an article today with the dramatic title “Atlantis anomaly” Causes the shutdown of US Army Weapon Base. According to the news media Russian Space Forces report from a satellite orbiting North America has detected a “gamma ray burst of unprecedented proportions”, that was radiating from the US Army weapon base in Dugway, Utah. The Russian report has emphasized that the “magnetic vortex” may be an ancient “early warning system” of some time and while trying to identify its source the US Federal Aviation Administration has been conducting tests leaving the Global Positioning System “unreliable or unavailable”.
Maybe a strange coincidence but alarmed today that the Army’s biggest Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah locked down mysteriously on Wednesday. The statement released by the Army officials this morning is acknowledging that “it clamped down the facility because a vial of the nerve agent VX was missing. Less than one-fourth of a teaspoon of VX was missing during an inventory check, the Army said. The vial has been located.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “VX is the most potent of all nerve agents.”
If this was an attempt to distract the public from what was really happening, other sources say that the military operation was conducted in order to remove from a “pyramid shaped structure” discovered off the coast of Florida a “capstone” believed to be one of the sources of these mysterious gamma ray bursts and the operation was conducted at the US Army’s Dugway Proving Ground.
We will explore Edgar Cayce best description of the Crystal as a possible explanation of these still unsupported claims of secret weapons and military operations conducted by the US Army and follow our own intuition and knowledge to decide what can be plausible. Cayce said that the Crystal was housed in a special building oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, exposing the Crystal to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most favorable time. The inside of the temple was covered with non-conducting metal or stone, similar to asbestos or Bakelite, a thermosetting plastic.
The Fire Stone was an Atlantean Power Crystal. It was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut with six sides. On the top the crystal had a moveable capstone, used to both concentrate incoming rays of energy, and to direct currents to various parts of the Atlantean land. According to Edgar Cayce the Great Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies as well as unknown elements forces and concentrated these at a specific point, located between the top of the Crystal and the bottom of the capstone.
In general Crystals have their own particular vibration of a precise and measurable intensity. This vibration attunes itself to human vibration better than any other gem or mineral. Quartz crystal is used to amplify, clarify and store energy. When you create a thought, you can amplify and clarify it by using a crystal. Quartz has long been recognized for its ability to produce electrical impulses. Pressure on quartz crystal generates a minute electrical charge called piezoelectricity, says Phyllis Galde.
The energy from the Fire Crystal was used for various purposes. In the beginning it was used as purely a spiritual tool by initiates who could handle the great energy. The early Atlanteans were peaceful people. As they developed more physical material bodies, they used the crystal to rejuvenate their bodies and were able to live hundreds of years. Crystals were used to light the inner tunnels and chambers while the pyramids and Mystery Temples were under construction. Other ancient civilizations and particularly Atlantis used giant crystals to focus laser light. Thee Crystal was used to fly aircrafts, light homes, heal, for agriculture, and to focus beams of energy between pyramids, obelisks, temples, stone monuments and all grid points. Each pyramid amplified the energies to “light” Earth.
Later the Great Crystal was put in other uses throughout the land; to control weather, to attune initiates, and in radio waves for communicating with home bases; in space crafts and vehicles traversing the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound.
By utilization of other currents originating from the Great Crystal, the Atlanteans were also able to transmit over voice and pictures. Heat and light could be directed to specific buildings and areas, giving illumination and warmth.
In ancient Egypt they were the force that enabled the huge sandstone blocks to be positioned in building the pyramids. Built atop granite, the immense pressure of these stones activated the crystals found naturally in this granite, creating a gigantic generator.

Whether you will consider these ancient myths or remaining technologies from an ancient civilization, or a system monitoring our Planet’s electric magnetism, serious thought and further research should be done in order to make links between all these events, facts, the planet’s history and the mysteries schools teachings that could better our understanding of our earthly existence


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