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Check Out UTOPIA

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:31 am by Admin

Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. E0ka2t

Utopia Forum is almost complete and is now ready for all new members and visitors.

The forum is a little different to here as it uses a single page forum which puts all the topics on one page with important threads globally pinned at the top of the page.

Like i said we are ALMOST complete but we are still playing around and moving things about so please bare …

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Earthquake Monitor

Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

Post  TheWatcher on Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:47 am

GLP is down.This on the page that you see :-
"The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.

For the book has been closed, The names have been written, Judgement cometh.

And it was known to them in those days that there would come upon them the judgement of the children of God, who had lived among them as men and learned of their ways and tested their hearts.

A Final Message For You "

People at a few forums are speculating and are giving reasons for the sites being down


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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Re: Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:13 am

scratch That is a strange message. I have seen GLP down before with a few different messages but nothing like that. Maybe it's just to get the millions talking while they are maintaining the site. It seems to read like they are not coming back. GLP has millions of members and visitors everyday so to close the site wouldn't make any sense. will have to keep our eye on this! very strange. scratch

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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Re: Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:17 am

affraid maybe all the members will come here. lol!

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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Re: Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

Post  victoria1 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:43 am

What do Godlike Productions, Project Avalon, DiscloseTV and Astro Vera all have in common?
Godlike Productions gone! Two days ago, TRINITY(The owner) posted a thread threatening to "OUT" certain members who had become involved with a shady character called "Omega", who was once a moderator there and apparently a good friend of Trinity.
I can't remember the exact wording but he more or less appealed to members who had helped Omega to come forward or he (Trinity) would give them over to the Police.
Now a whistle blower and his wife have suddenly "disappeared" and GLP is gone!
Omega is a leader of a gang of internet stalkers known as "The Smurfs", yeah it sounds crazy I know but The Smurfs are a very dangerous and evil cult who have been bullying and brain washing innocent people on chat rooms and forums and are linked to an American Company involved in, get this..... Earthquake prediction technologies!
These "Smurfs" appealed to innocent people on forums with their incredible ability to predict earthquakes and natural disasters weeks before the event!
The Smurfs would land on a forum and slowly take it over grooming innocent members to join their secret sect, it has been suggested these Smurfs where on the government pay roll.

This may seem far fetched and farcical but I have followed these people around and have actualy spoken to this Omega on The Earth's Banner Forum, They destroyed The Astro Vera forum, where they groomed their victims, Astro Vera is also gone, just like GLP, they almost destroyed DiscloseTV forum and were behind the demise of the Camelot/Avalon forum, I'm sure there are more, these are the ones I saw for myself.
I also have several friends who where victims and a year ago I had a conversation with a victim who wanted to expose them for what they are, at the time we didn't have all the facts, I still don't but people need to know whats going on out there. With H.A.A.R.P. And the Magnetic Pole Shift and very very strange weather, birds and fish dying everywhere you might want to read the conversation

Its all here ... oject.html

Gary: Hi , I can only type! Sorry
Gary: Yes, I just had to walk the dog, I am back
Friend: i am eating lunch
Friend: how are XXXXX and XXXXX?
Gary : well I have just had an e-mail from XXXXX, he and XXXXX are busy at XXX on the XXXXX thread but he asked me to keep mum
Friend: yeah, too much happened on XXX.. between XXX flipping out and others jumping in to give their 2 cents... and you know me, every time they screw up I have to point out the obvious for the idiots who can't see...
Friend: they (Smurfs) don't need the advertisement now, after that EQ in Baja
Gary : No, wow, was that a coincidence or did he really predict it?
Friend: he knows.. the real question, is, did he CAUSE it?
Gary : This is much bigger than I can imagine, that's why I would need your help!
Friend: oh I know... I am exhausted from this last week, we didn't realize how big it was until we caught "XXXXX" and his confessions... then there was a "proxy error" (for lack of better term), and then the Yahoo article about IARPA.. it all happened in less than 48 hours.
Friend: we have been trying to figure this out for MONTHS
Friend: and it fell down, bam bam bam like a row of dominoes
Gary : Well I can imagine your very tired, I can wait, It would need to be done properly anyway but it would be exclusive to us because nobody else could put it together better than you I believe
Friend: I am glad for the help, because "we" have kinda fallen apart over here...
Gary: I have been invited to speak on XXXXX XXXXX at the end of the month, it would be great to blow the lid of this
Friend: oh, that is awesome!!!!
Friend: i would love to give you what I have. Granted, XXX has a LOT more documentation than I do, and XXXXX the one with the IP info....
Friend: But here is the problem we have right now:
Friend: There is no doubt in any one's mind that this was a cult
Friend: The only thing ppl are asking for proof about is the SwRI connection.. which is something that XXXXX has. Unfortunately, for whatever his reason (ego, I am thinking), XXXXX doesn't want to come up off the information
Friend: But I will tell you what he told me, and what he has given me:
Friend: XXXX, for a long time, has been trying to track back the IPs the smurfs use
Friend: anyway, XXXX would track them back through 3, 4, sometimes 5 proxies... LAYERS
Friend: that's how bad they wanted to hide
Friend: but it kept coming up to an address in Amsterdam for Vasco Games
Gary: wow
Friend: we couldn't figure it out... the smurfs were way too organized to be some gamers having fun at a cafe, and this has been going on for YEARS... shits and giggles just don't go on for YEARS
Friend: but XXXX had sent a PM to one of their avatars, giving him a ban warning
Friend: and you know how XXX's Pm system works... if someone writes to you, you see their email address, and a notice gets sent to your email telling you there is a message for you at XXX
Gary: yep
Friend: Only this idiot's INBOX was full, and an undeliverable message error bounced back to XXXX... from SwRI
Gary: wow
Friend: so we wanted to know what it was... turns out, it was a gov't contractor
Friend: meanwhile, we were discovering this while XX and I were battle it out with Patrol in the "Electric" thread
Friend: We kept him up so long, he was tired, scared, and got sloppier and sloppier
Friend: basically, he was admitting things like keeping files on everyone etc
Friend: At one point in the middle of the night (around 1:30-2:00 am Central Time) it became obvious there was a new guy
Friend: he had energy, and wasn't so easy to bat around
Friend: but the next morning, Yahoo published that article about how intelligence agencies wanted their own versions of darpa
Gary: what is darpa, eq technology?
Friend: DARPA is the US dept. of defense's research agency
Friend: they created the Internet etc Feds thinking outside the box to plug intelligence gaps
Friend: there is other info on iarpa, going back a few years
Gary: I can find all this stuff on XXXX thread? Servants of the fallen ones
Friend: yeah, the one at dtv. i am not sure the one at glp is still there, they were deleted all kinds of stuff last night
Gary: Yep the one at Disclosetv
Friend: the SwRI connection is based on XXXX
Friend: XXXXXX claims
Friend: and he isn't providing anyone with the screenshots or anything
Friend: which at this point is hurting us
Friend: because if it IS SwRI, we are all seriously fucked
Friend: the owner of SwRI used to work for the CIA, the Dept. of Homeland Security etc etc
Gary: wow, maybe XXXX is scared?
Friend: now, the interesting thing about this, is that SwRI has been working on EQ prediction technologies
Friend: XXXX would be an idiot to hide the info... My attitude, is if I am going to get gunned down, it might as well be for a damn good reason.
Gary: and the more people know the safer you are!
Friend: For a year, they fucked with our heads and told us the shit would hit the fan in april, and that we had 3-4 years MAXIMUM to survive, before being skinned alive by avenging angels. For them to give me a death threat now is almost funny. It carries the same impact as threatening to steal my toothbrush. I do think it is possible, anything is possible.. but I do not fear it.
Friend: It isn't going to shut me up.
Gary: no, I think they represent the devil, I do
Friend: Gary; we have seen the face of the antichrist, first-hand
Friend: i have no doubt
Friend: and the thing that worries me a bit.. isn't that the gov't has software and can predict EQ's to screw with peoples' heads... Everyone is waiting for some big project bluebeam or whatever to fool the masses. It isn't going to be like that. It starts like THIS, like what we've just seen. Do you know XXXX at DTV? He had nothing to do with Astro Vera, but when they had us in Second Life, teaching and indoctrinating us, Slush was having dreams about the same stuff they were teaching us. WTF??? And they were so compelling to him, he was posting it. These guys really can make themselves look divine by manipulating people to convince others (all the while the people being manipulated have no clue what is going on)
Friend: the thing that worries me... is if the story is all true (not the divine part), the general timeline and all... they aren't coming in and trying to "rescue" us from some fake alien invasion, all they have to do is claim power over the crap that's happening all around us
Gary: how can they affect XXXX?
Friend: i don't know. for the longest time, i thought XXXX worked for them
Friend: but you always hear of the mind-control technologies.. I used to think it was sci-fi bullshit, but I am seriously considering that it's real
Gary: what did XXXX dream, did you get to know?
Friend: holy shit, let me find it for you, here it is!
Friend:Attention Earth People
Friend: but, the more people who have this, the better. How about XXXXX? Is he online a lot?
Gary: yep, coincidentally his computer just got totaled and he didn't know why, he had to buy a new one, Google warned me someone was trying to hack me too, I changed all the passwords
Friend: be careful
Gary: damn, it would be them
Friend: it means you have something
Gary: well XXXXXX, I don't have nothing in here, the website the blog is all on some where else, photo's even e-mail
Gary: no bank details nothing
Friend: they don't know that
Friend: I really don't know what else to tell you, without getting into the entire "theology" that they taught us. I have been explaining this to the mods for over a month now, they had theories about who they were and I had theories too.. but once i started explaining the "theology", their ideas kinda fell to the side. But I do have a list of criteria in my head on where this whole mess is coming out from
Friend: First of all, this isn't one guy because one guy can't stay on the computer 24/7... and these guys are online at least 20 hours a day. I don't have the written proof, but I remember seeing KMaro online during the middle of the night at Astro Vera, actively reading threads and writing PMs
Gary: I would love to have it all, I have enough to go here I suppose, do you have the name from the CIA man at SwRi
Friend:"yes." Tom Slick
Friend: i have the stuff on the other hard drive right now... there is even an entire thread on him at the prisonplanet forum.. but there is some kind of influential link in website i copied, he has messages from old CIA buddies etc right onhis profile page
Gary: this has been touched on prison planet?
: not this topic; i contacted alex jones but he hasn't even gotten to my ticket yet (I think he has a big backlog).. i tried 4 times to set up an account at prison planet so i could write in the forums, and each time i tried something happened and i couldn't
Friend: i will tell you something, and I've said it at DTV... ALWAYS there is someone, somewhere who KNOWS something. There are NO secrets in the world. And I think sometimes that Truth is like Life... no matter how we screw it up, it always wins
Friend: Gary, there won't be any justice
Friend: It's just about getting the word out
Friend: yeah sure, I just want this OUT THERE.
Gary: Me too
Friend: Because like I said... as far as I am concerned, this is the antichrist... everyone is waiting for some BIG thing to happen sometime in the future, but it's happening in small pockets NOW....
Friend: I have wondered if we were a practice run for the big one
Gary: yes, you said you saw the face of the anti christ did you mean the smurfs are the face?
Friend: as far as I am concerned, yes.
Friend: The antichrist comes in the face of angelic and innocent cartoons
Gary: me too, it's a feeling of filth somehow
Friend: I came across a Bible quote once, and no matter how much I look for it I can't find it... But I think it was in one of Paul's letter where he warns people of false teachers... and the quote I am looking for goes something like this: "... do not listen to any gospel other than the one I have taught you, even if it comes from angels..."
Friend: gosh, I hope the whole world starts digging! I want this crap common knowledge, at least in the "minority" group of conspiracy nut jobs, and hopefully even religious nut jobs
Gary: Why did Micheal Bennie (OWNER OF ASTRO VERA) never try to recruit me?
Friend: I don't know why
Friend: but I have a feeling, the ones they wanted to have stay at Astro Vera were the ones they intentionally had get kicked off Project Avalon
Friend: but the big thing with "them" is "freewill"
Friend: i got kicked off (Project Avalon) supposedly for stalking other members and calling them, asking for personal information. I mean, wtf???
Friend: you do realize, we were profiled at Project Avalon and PICKED for this
Gary: yes so I understand, by Micheal Bennie?
Friend: i don't know by who.... but the guy behind the screen at GodLikeProductions admitted to watching us at Project Avalon before beginning the program at AV
Gary: wow, unbelievable, where XXXX and XXXX involved?
Friend:XXXX worked for BAE systems: BAE Systems
Friend: do you know what BAE systems is? Wink
Gary: yes, this I do know
Friend: Project Avalon will be mentioned yes
Gary: OK, another question, I have been trying to find Micheal Bennie for a week now, there is no trace of him on the net, he had a website a forum and he posted on Astro Vera and AVALON, how is this possible
Friend: maybe they are covering for him... I know they took down Astro Vera a few months ago, but he also has a website That is a funny story...
Friend: Michael Bennie is a con artist, he used to have a travel company in Hawaii
Gary: Did you try to access Astro Vera, you are warned away
Friend: and his company went under when a bunch of customers got mad that tickets they supposedly bought for ferries, cruises etc weren't being honored by the other companies
Friend: astrovera got locked the day XXXXXXXXXXX and i got kicked off
Gary: he was an online poker player too, not bad for a bible bashing christian
Friend: NOW, he makes a little bit of money offering travel deals through and it was on the same server as Astro Vera... I caught it one time (I wish i knew how to take screen shots back then)... I tried to log onto AV, but the little info thingy at the bottom left of my screen said my computer was trying to log onto AXTORA
Friend: everyone who ran were the lucky ones. I was stupid, because I was curious what the heck was going on... I knew it was a cult because even XXXX and I would talk about it all the time, but I stayed out of curiosity... But the thing is, once you get bombarded with the cognitive dissonance etc, your brain turns to mush. And that is what happened to me, I fell straight into the rabbit hole
Friend: Well, there is some other stuff that was going on with the three XXXX (mods)... and I don't blame them for some of the hush hush.
Friend: Because there is some evidence that the first guy to be a cartoon (smurf) really wasn't... there is a little evidence that he was a real whistle blower. And the thing is, he has disappeared
Gary: who?
Friend: i won't say at this point
Friend: but i have found out, they have been screwing with us in so many ways
Friend: oh, it's a real mess. But in a way, it was compartmentalized, too. I had no clue it was going on until I started talking to XX after we got kicked out. Then, it was simply mind-blowing what they were saying to each of us
Friend: Supposedly, the head smurf told XXXX I would be a good friend, all the while telling everyone else he couldn't stand me and would get rid of me as soon as he came back from vacation.... All the while, the smurf girls supposedly liked me in the forum (and said it publicly) and XXXX, too. And when XXX/XXX/XXXXX came in, it was the same story.. smurfs like me.
Friend: Now at Godlikproductions they are claiming I was a useless piece of shit.. and no one realizes the contradictions in that, because they all have PM's from smurfs about how much the smurfs hate me


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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Well,I personally do not trust the people who run the site.

Post  TheWatcher on Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:00 pm

There has been out of the ordinary intrusions attempts into our pc's when we visit glp.
The ppl at ats have also speculated that glp has gone over to the other side.
The oriwatcher has been banned because I visit the site in different countries and on different computers ( different ip's) Anyway I joined because of the agency's threads,and I only browse the forum for interesting posts.
Ats has more matured ppl,but lately immatured young ppl have been ruining the threads with their ranting.


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Heard that a few conspiracy sites down. Empty Re: Heard that a few conspiracy sites down.

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