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Check Out UTOPIA

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:31 am by Admin

 Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up! E0ka2t

Utopia Forum is almost complete and is now ready for all new members and visitors.

The forum is a little different to here as it uses a single page forum which puts all the topics on one page with important threads globally pinned at the top of the page.

Like i said we are ALMOST complete but we are still playing around and moving things about so please bare …

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Earthquake Monitor

Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up!

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 Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up! Empty Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up!

Post  Admin on Wed May 16, 2012 10:12 am




A Three part series on :

The Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up!

Could the Nibiru system be a part of a Type 3 civilization?

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NEW! 32º of Insanity 05.02.12 : Nibiru: Donny Gillson's Official Statement on his return to Youtube

NEW! 32º of Insanity RADIO 04.26.12 : Nibiru: The NASA Cover-up with Special Guest Kiler Davenport

NEW! 32º of Insanity 04.24.2012 : Official Cover-up - NASA, Nibiru & Astronomer Conspiracy Exposed :

NEW! 32º of Insanity 04.22.2012 : A followup on the hunt for Nibiru between Uranus and Neptune

NEW! 32º of Insanity 04.20.2012 : The Hunt for Nibiru between Uranus & Neptune; a detailed analysis :

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 Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up! 5-13-2012%201-26-39%20AM

 Nibiru System all caught on film and the research to back it up! 5-10-2012%206-32-16%20PM(1)

In one week out from Mother’s Day we experience the Moon and Sun going dark simultaneously in a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is the three days of darkness which was prophesied. It meant a time when the dark souls trying to control Earth would pass out through the Scorpi Black Hole. This is done. Pour out the Violet Flame of Love in your meditations to facilitate their passing. The Elections, Protests, Arrests and Convictions show we are moving through this phase as planned. It may not be clear that these outer manifestations on the physical are but a few of behind the scenes happenings not reported by your news. One day very soon you will wake up and see all has come to pass and there is nothing more to do.

The darkness in the Solar System is like the final curtain coming down on this great play of Illusion or Maya. The end of the Maya in 2012. This dance continues exactly two weeks later with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This is a phase to daily make time for meditation and contemplation combined with action. Release all unnecessary concepts, beliefs and miscreations in your life. Allow them to fall into darkness. Show compassion not only for others, but especially to yourself as you experience this cleansing. The vibrations now are greatly magnified where unimaginable healings may take place on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of existence.

The light builds to the June Full Moon illuminating Venus in line between Earth and the Sun. This allows the crystalline electro-magnetic pulses coming from Source, Alcyone-the Central Sun, to pass through the Sun and magnify love, love, love through Venus and onto Earth. This marks the merge of Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone and Ra, the Creation Trinity. This is exactly what has been prophesied. With the dark Ones passing in late May the light is concentrated and focus through the love vessel called Venus and beamed directly to Earth. The light and love combined in this magnificent display fulfill the requirements needed to birth New Earth.

As this transition passes through the beginning of June all is complete. You will see reflected in the physical and reported in the news the big arrests and the final days will abruptly come to an end. The dark has no choice but to fall back into the dark for dissolution. Miracles long watched for showing up in sudden and unexpected turn of events. There will be periods of sadness and doubt as the old programming falls away from our Selves and periods of glee as the Light fills all. Go with the flow never losing site of your responsibility to remain light and happy on all occasions no matter what it appears to be at the moment. It is very important to focus on joy, love, bliss and excitement. We have created Mother Earth’s Healing together and it is done.

All the Company of Heaven works in cooperation with their partners on Earth using all means available to have this come to pass now. Your physical body will go through all the changes we can see in the Heavenly Bodies. Expect to be challenged in the dark phases and release the old. You may see loved ones having health events, down turns and many passing on during this phase. All is in Divine Order. All is as it is intended to be. This is a sacred Shift. You will also see reunions and mending of old hurts. Be certain to Be Love in all cases. You hate no one. You dislike no one. Be compassion and extend love to all. As the light builds and Venus moves into place, expect joy and love to fill your life in new ways you have never been able to conceive of before. St Germain and Mother Mary partner together pouring out love and abundance with the assistance of many others. You will see the Ascended Masters, Angels and Galactics reveal themselves on Earth. What is not known is these Ones have been incarnated on Earth all along working daily in partnership with those in Heaven. They will no longer hide their identities. They have been here carrying out the Grand Plan. They will reveal themselves and show how they have been working together in every country over Earth to bring the changes to fruition.

We move into this time of great blessing. Oneness returns to Earth. There are more changes falling into place for the remainder of 2012. On the repaired timelines time speeds up and the final gift in 2012 is the end of all time. Earth is in position to ascend to her full status. Remember your spark of Divine Source energy is an extension from the Ultimate Source, Alcyone. Know that in this way you are inseparable from Divine Grace and indeed the force behind change. It is in this way it is important to keep your thoughts pure as your heart raises in vibration through the dark and light phases. This allows you to experience the highest possible potentials in the change. You are responsible to do this for yourself and for Earth. This is your Mission and what you promised to do so long ago. As an extension of Source Energy on Earth you exact change. You are a channel satellite of the Supreme, a great vessel for the energies of love and light. Your Soul Sound combines with All That Is and creates the great Song.

Allow all doubts to fall away. Know by Knowing that you are the answer, The Way, The Path back to the Supreme Love. Know that I, Mother Sekhmet, am with you every step of the way, within and without. Call on me in times when you feel alone. Call on me to help you through the natural challenges of change. Join me here at Niburu for a talk, a healing and a hug. Come in your meditations and your dreams. I am here waiting to see you again. Incha'Allah. ~Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. May 13, 2012

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